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Our CPAP Alternative

Can't tolerate CPAP? An Oral appliance could be the alternative you need!

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Is your snoring irritating others? Get the treatment you need to stop snoring now!

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Jaw Pain and Headaches

Do you suffer from TMJ pain or headaches? The best treatment for you could be a simple good night's sleep!

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Sleep Apnea Treatment

Have you been diagnosed with Obstructive sleep apnea? Learn more about your treatment options.

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Everyone Deserves to Sleep in Comfort

Find Relief and Restoration!

What Makes Us Unique?

Are you desperate for the relief of a good night sleep? At our clinic we don’t just treat your symptoms, we give our patients the care they need to thrive. Get the treatment you need to sleep better, stay healthy and live longer!

Our Clinic's Commitments

  • Professional Patient Care
  • Customized Treatment
  • Coordination With Your Medical Care Team
  • Cost Effective Treatment Plans

Welcome Dr. Andrea Fraser

She and Dr. Valachi will be working together to help more people with Sleep Apnea and TMJ.

End Your Sleep Divorce!

Desperate to sleep in the same room as your loved one again? Learn how to silence your snoring and sleep together in peace!

Is Your CPAP Unbearable?

There's more than one way to fight sleep apnea. Learn how to treat your sleep apnea with a comfortable alternative!

TMJ Problems?

Unexplained jaw pain and headaches may be related to poor sleep! Click to learn more about the connection between these symptoms.

How Can We Predict Success?

Skeptical about whether oral appliance therapy will help you? Learn how you can predict your treatment outcome before committing to an oral appliance!

Our Unique Process

Our clinic utilizes a high tech and “touchless” process in coordination with your medical care team! Learn more about how our team optimizes your care.

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