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Supreme Court Decides on Truck Drivers and Sleep Apnea

Supreme Court Decision, Personal Rights VS Safety on the Road With Clogged Freeways in Oregon, Road Rage, and Sleep Deprivation we have an issue with Traffic Safety A truck driver’s lawsuit claiming that the Trucking Carrier Firm Crete’s ‘apnea-screening program’ violates drivers’ rights within the American Disabilities Act went all the way to the Supreme Court,… read more

Sleep Apnea in Women

The Los Angeles coroner’s report listed Carrie Fisher’s cause of death as “sleep apnea with other factors.” Dentist and Sleep Disorder Specialist, Dr. Keith Valachi, DDS, stopped by KATU to shed more light on sleep apnea in women. Watch the interview Stop Snoring, Sleep Better, and Live Longer! The Dental Sleep Apnea Clinic can help… read more

Dental Solution for Sleep Apnea

A Dental Solution for Sleep Apnea Sleep apnea affects millions of the American population with over a quarter of the entire population reporting to be experiencing sleep deprivation. This can be attributed to a number of reasons for example, busy schedules, and lifestyle complications. It is estimated that this disorder affects over 20 million people… read more

Carrie Fisher’s Death and Sleep Apnea

Contributing Factor of Carrie Fisher’s Death Affects over 18 Million Americans, most Undiagnosed “Beloved actress Carrie Fisher had long struggled with multiple health issues, and it is now apparent that Sleep Apnea was among those issues.  Studies have verified that the risks for sleep apnea in women is not widely recognized in the medical profession. We can… read more

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