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Posts in Category: CPAP Alternatives

Pro Athletes and Sleep Apnea

No, isn’t just out-of-shape middle-aged guys who are at risk of sleep apnea. Women, children, and, surprisingly, certain types of athletes who are at the peak of competitive fitness are in danger of Sleep Apnea. Several sports actually have players who have much higher incidences of sleep apnea than the general public. cites  a… read more

Nice Girls DO Snore

Sleep apnea is a man’s problem, right? A woman who snores? Shame! Really? Remember Carries Fischer’s death? According to this article in the Daily Mail, women’s lives can be just as disrupted by sleep apnea as men’s. “Nice girls don’t snore,” writes the author, Hannah Borno, “All you can hear as they doze, silent as… read more

MIT Study Funded by National Institutes of Health Researches Possible Drug for Sleep Apnea

Bark from an African tree shows promise for treating the disorder. According to an article in MIT News, “Yohimbine, a chemical derived from the bark of the African yohimbe tree,” has been tested successfully in rats by MIT researchers. Although it is still many years from being tested properly on humans, and Chi-Sang Poon, a… read more

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