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MATRx Plus

Patients often ask us we can predict the success of oral appliance therapy. While multiple studies have confirmed Oral Appliances as generally effective sleep apnea therapy, it is difficult to predict exactly who will experience a successful outcome. While some successful patients respond very quickly, others may take several weeks to know if their dental device is improving their airway while sleeping. Thankfully, this is now a better option!

We are proud to be the first practice in tour community with the beneficial MATRx Plus sleep study device. This device can predict whether a patient will be a RESPONDER or NONRESPONDER to Oral Appliance Therapy. Responders are predicted to have successful theraputic outcomes in 97% of all cases. If you are shown to be a non-responder, you will be able to avoid the cost and time investment of oral appliance therapy, and instead pursue alternative treatments!

MATRx Plus also successfully predicts the Target Mandibular Position in 85% of cases. This allows us to reposition your jaw effectively and efficiently, while a reducing the chance of side effects.

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