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Dr. Keith Valachi

Dr. Keith Valachi has a passion for improving the lives of his patients. Having operated a thriving family dental practice for over 27 years, he is committed to ensuring his patients receive the best possible care. Read More

Unlike many physicians, Dr. Valachi understands the connections between Sleep Bruxism (clenching and grinding), TMJ problems, headaches, and Sleep Apnea. His effective and revolutionary Sleep Apnea program is designed to relieve patients of their chronic pain and sleeping issues. Dr. Valachi’s current practice focuses only on the treatment Sleep Apnea and orofacial pain symptoms. This medically oriented approach allows Dr. Valachi to study the common conditions related to pain and Sleep Apnea, while providing patients with a comprehensive clinical experience.

Currently, Dr. Valachi is a member of the American Sleep and Breathing Academy (ASBA), American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM), International Academy of Sleep (IAoS), and the Western Pain Society. He has also completed certification as a Diplomate of the ASBA.

Outside of his clinical practice, Dr. Valachi enjoys spending time with his wife Bethany at their Eastern Oregon cabin, traveling, photography, and experiencing the open spaces of the Great Northwest, such as the remote vistas in Eastern Oregon.

Brian Proski

Business Office Manager

Brian hails from Green Bay Wisconsin. He is an avid Packers fan who still loves to attend games in Lambeau Field. Brian has a wonderful family consisting of his wife Mindy and his son and daughter: Xander and Eve. They are an adventurous family who loves to travel all over the country to camp, skateboard, canoe and golf. Brian loves to spend his free time in the ocean surfing, working on his garden, or reading a history book. Brian has been in the medical billing field for over 17 years.

Alycia Stuber

Clinical Office Manager

Alycia joined the practice in 2018, and comes from a dental background. She worked as a dental assistant for 10 years, and has helped many patients with sleep apnea over the years. It was a natural progression for her to start working at Dental Sleep Apnea Clinic. Alycia cares deeply about helping people find treatment that will work for their lifestyle. She cares so much that she commutes to work all the way from Vancouver, WA! Read More

Alycia truly wants anyone who suffers from using a CPAP to try an oral appliance. Several members of her family suffer from sleep apnea, so she knows how important this life saving therapy can be. Alycia Loves living in the Pacific Northwest, and has always lived on the West Coast. She loves getting out to explore Oregon and Washington for hikes, trails, parks and beaches. She also enjoys watching football, going to car shows, collecting records, cooking and traveling. Ask her about 1 of the 22 countries she’s visited.

Ricky Young

Dental Assistant

My name is Ricky and I was born and raised right here in Oregon. I love this state and can’t imagine living anywhere else. Working out and cooking are two of my favorite things to do, especially if I’ve had a stressful day or week. I also love binge watching a good series or a great movie. Read More

I feel so fortunate to have found a place to work like Dental Sleep Apnea Clinic. I love treating all the
people who come in because I know I’m part of the reason they’ll be able to live longer and more
fulfilling lives. Since working here, I’ve realized how important a good night’s sleep is and I actually suffer from snoring. I can’t wait to get my own dental appliance so that I won’t be chasing my girlfriend out of the bedroom anymore.

Davianne Myers

Dental Assistant

Davianne joined the practice in 2018 and was a natural with helping patients understand oral appliance therapy. She knows that without good sleep and good sleep quality, she wouldn’t be able to keep up with her 4 kids and fiancé or be the best Mom she could be. Read More

Davianne is passionate about working here because she loves seeing our patients strengthen their lives and bettering their health with the treatment we are providing. When she’s not busy working or being a mom, she enjoys camping, cooking and outdoor sports.

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