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Oral Appliance Therapy

Oral Appliances provide a convenient, comfortable, and minimally intrusive treatment for Sleep Apnea. The Oral Appliance is a small, custom-fitted dental mouthpiece that gently holds your lower jaw forward while sleeping. This improves your sleep-relaxed airway by moving your tongue, the most common obstructer of your airway, forward. This forward tongue posture also improves tension in the muscles in your throat, further helping to maintain an open airway. There are a variety of different designs for Oral Appliances, and our team will help customize a device for you based on your individual needs. Contact our clinic and our team will help you select a customized oral appliance!

Benefits of Oral Appliances

  • Reduced or eliminated snoring
  • Improved Sleep Quality/Fewer awakenings
  • Improved Daytime Energy, Alertness, Emotional Health
  • Reduced risk of major illness such as Heart Disease, Stroke, and Diabetes
  • Small, portable and convenient for traveling

Oral Appliance Models

The Medley

Somnomed Avant


Oasys Herbst

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