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At our clinic, we prioritize the care and comfort of our patients! Reach what patients are saying about Dental Sleep Apnea and share your experience!

Dental device is a life saver

I hated dealing with the CPAP machine. It was a total nuisance. Getting my dental device was a life saver! So much better in both convenience and results. The doctor and his staff are wonderful. They helped me with my insurance and made sure it was covered. So glad I found them.
-JoAnn H.

Not doomed to CPAP!

After my sleep test confirmed that my sleep apnea was indeed significant enough to address, I thought I was doomed to life with CPAP. Not a happy prospect for me. Fortunately, I was able to contact Dr. Valachi at the Dental Sleep Apnea Clinic. It's the best choice I could have made. I admit I was skeptical after reading about all of the alternative miracle cures offered on the internet. But from my initial visit through extensive exams, home testing and attentive adjustments I have found great success with my oral device from Dr. Valachi. My nightly "sleep episodes" have been reduced from more than 20 per hour to less than two per hour. My device is also surprisingly comfortable and extremely well-designed. The entire staff was a pleasure to deal with. All information was provided in a very thorough and patient manner. All of my questions and concerns were addressed promptly and considerately, sometimes even on weekends or after normal business hours. I recommend the Dental Sleep Apnea Clinic with absolutely no reservations.
-Chris H.

Best sleep of my adult life

I have consistently had the best sleep of my adult life, thanks to the care received by Dr. Valachi. The dental device he provided, in combination with my CPAP machine, has been the only treatment that has worked for my severe sleep apnea.
-Scott J.

A genuine pleasure to work with

Dr. Valachi and his friendly staff were professional and a genuine pleasure to work with. They continued to follow up with me (even during Covid) to see how I was doing and the results speak for themselves. I have moderate sleep apnea and with the dental appliance I am now in the "normal" range (reduced AHI from 19.4 to an average of 1). I was not able to tolerate CPAP and it caused severe insomnia and sleep anxiety. The sleep appliance works great for me and there was a lot of thought and care to make sure it was fitted properly and had no adverse side effects. Thank you to Dr. Valachi and his highly competent team.
-Noah K.

I feel 10 years younger -- amazing!

Dr. Valachi put the LIFE back in my life! I was so continually exhausted, feeling like I could sleep all the time. My MD checked me out, did a sleep screening and after a referral for a sleep study, I found out I needed either a sleep appliance or CPAP. I decided to try the sleep appliance. It took about 2 nights to fully get used to the mouth appliance and even less time to appreciate the MUTE device. I wake up now thinking about what I want to do instead of when I can go back to bed. I feel at least 10 years younger, have dropped a few pounds without trying and even my work team wonders what is different. Amazing! Thank you Dr. Valachi and staff, my heroes!
-Diane P.

Improved Health & Rest

The dental apparatus that Dr. Valachi provided for my diagnosis of sleep apnea was an immediate success. I had immediate relief from what I thought was allergies, improved heart rate & high blood pressure, relief from morning headaches. I have even begun losing weight. Not only have I seen a marked improvement of the aforementioned symptoms, but Dr. Valachi and his staff are professional, considerate and attentive to my needs/requests. With the assistance of of his staff they confirmed what my insurance would pay for and my responsibility thereafter. I recommended Dr. Valachi to my dentist and highly recommend him to anyone diagnosed with sleep apnea.
-Audrey C.

2 years and the appliance has worked wonders

Dr. Valachi and his staff are very knowledgeable, kind and funny! The whole process was as constructive and painless as could be, from assessment, fitting, monitoring, and regular checkups. I've had my appliance for over 2 years and it's worked wonders! No more snoring, more energy, and deep, restful sleep. Thanks Dr. V!
-Andy M.


Dr. Valachi and Crystal are GREAT! His knowledge as a dentist and now specialist coupled with his passion for helping patients get their best sleep possible and live pain-free are excellent! As a dental hygienist of 20 years, perpetually screening patients for such concerns,/ and experiencing some myself, I can confidently recommend Dr. Keith and Crystal. They will do their professional best to help you get better quality sleep, relieve jaw/TMD pain and headaches, as well as help maximize your insurance coverage as best as possible. They did for me and I’m truly grateful. And I will be referring any of our patients who find themselves in need of such therapy.
-Kim Smith

Fantastic Team -- Highly Recommend

Dr. Valachi and his team are fantastic. Not only that, but the oral appliance they provided for me has actually improved not only the quality of my sleep, but also that of my partner as I am no longer waking him up with my thundering snoring. I am so very glad I can travel around with something the size of a retainer as opposed to a giant sleep apnea machine. I highly recommend them.
-Michael B.

You rock at your job!

I'm sleeping better and I have more energy later in the day! The whole team at the clinic was welcoming, great at listening, and cared about me. Thank you for rocking at your job! You're making my days better!
-Colin O

Excellent service

My experience at Dr. Valachi’s clinic has been excellent. I was referred to this clinic for my sleep apnea and from the start, I received excellent service. Both Crystal and Dr. Valachi were very attentive, cordial, and made me feel very at ease. Throughout the whole process of getting my oral appliance, I was very well informed and well educated about pros and cons, types of appliances, expectations, etc. I am looking forward to using the appliance to solve my sleep apnea. Thank you so very much!!!
-Lupe S.

Literally changed my life!

I have had a great experience with the Dental Sleep Apnea Clinic. I had been to three separate sleep doctors and diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. After three consecutive failures with CPAPS, BiPAPs, etc, I finally decided to go the dental appliance route. Boy am I ever glad I did. Prior to going to the Dental Sleep Apnea Clinic, my apneas per hour (APH) was over 60. One a minute. My APH is now under 10 and I feel remarkably better. In addition to just the overall effectiveness of the treatment, I'd like to give a nod to the whole team who have been very pleasant to work with. I'd definitely recommend the Dental Sleep Apnea Clinic to anyone who is suffering from sleep apnea. It has literally changed my life.
-Nick N.

My husband can sleep -- a huge change!

First, from a health perspective, I am so grateful my doctor referred me to Dr. Valachi - what a difference my dental appliance has made! I can sleep - my husband can sleep - a huge change! I was skeptical that this would work - I am also very uncomfortable with dental work like getting molds made - and here is where Dr. Valachi and his team comes into play - they were considerate, kind, informative, and patient. This has been truly a fantastic experience for me. The follow up, attention to how I am feeling and adapting to the device, very personal and attentive! Highly recommend! If your partner says your snoring is causing sleep problems for both of you, schedule a consultation and experience it for yourself - it's worth it!
-Michelle B.

Great Team!

What a great team. They were thorough, very conscious about your safety during this time and very willing and helpful in answering any questions about the process. Best yet, I am sleeping better and feeling more refreshed in the morning. Just a wonderful job by all.
-Will S.

Impressed with thoroughness, highly recommend

It took me months before getting the correct physician for my sleep apnea from my insurance company. By that time I was totally stressed, as I was planning on going on a group trip and needed my mouth guard replacement ASAP. My physician recommended DSAC and they were wonderful. I was impressed with their thoroughness as well as timeliness. They accommodated me within days of departing. I was able to relax and not worry about snoring and keeping my friends awake. Their follow-up is great too. I felt like they truly cared about my well being. Dr. Keith Valachi is top notch and his staff is the best. I'm not great with being comfortable around doctor offices and he and his staff have a great way of calming you down and making you feel at ease. They explain everything thoroughly. I would highly recommend them as the top sleep apnea clinic in Portland and the metropolitan area. I plan to use them even when I move to Florida.
-Jude M.


After several years of not sleeping well, I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea about a year ago. After reviewing options and talking with people who use the C Pap machine, I decided to try the dental appliance. I have been using it a couple months and am sleeping much better. Dr. Valachi and his staff are professional, competent, friendly and always willing to listen and accommodate any issues or problems I might have. I would recommend Dr. Valachi and the clinic to anyone who wants to look at options for sleep apnea.
-G. Perry

Significantly improved jaw pain

I experience significant improvement with my jaw pain after splint therapy guided by Dr. Valachi. I have TMJ and a slipped disc in my jaw made it uncomfortable if not painful to chew or open/close my mouth. Sleeping was also made difficult due to the pain from clenching my jaw when I was unconscious. I am now in the later phases of the treatment and I can happily say that my pain is significantly reduced and I now have the tools available to me to keep my jaw pain under control. Thank you Dr. Valachi and team for all your help!
-Estee I.

Supportive and caring

What a group of caring, supportive and highly expert people -- starting with Dr. Valachi and including every person in his clinic, including the receptionist, the gentleman who handles insurance issues, and Dr. Valachi's dental assistant. Each person is highly knowledgeable and deeply committed to helping their patients achieve the best possible results. I am deeply grateful to them all!
-Laurel A.

Not a typical patient

Dr. Valachi and his team were so amazing. I'm younger than many typical sleep apnea patients and very active. It was so refreshing having a doctor who listened to my concerns and goals for my treatment. Previous doctors have tried to just prescribe a generic CPAP with very little consideration of my lifestyle and comfort. I was recommended to Dental Sleep Apnea Clinic by a fellow active backpacker who knows that a CPAP can be both uncomfortable and impractical for being in the backcountry. Dr V absolutely understood the goal of good sleep outdoors as well as my goal to get good sleep every night. Of course every patient is different, but just know even if your treatment plan is different, Dr. Valachi and EVERY member of his staff will take care of you and listen thoroughly!
-Rosalee E

Dramatically changed my life

Great experience! Friendly doctor and staff. Got my appliance quickly and it has dramatically changed my sleep and quality of life. Highly recommend to anyone with sleep apnea.
-Jake Z.
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