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Headaches & TMJ

In some cases, there can be a connection between sleep apnea and the presence of headaches and TMJ disorders. While not everyone with a TMJ Disorder or Headaches has sleep apnea, our clinic is here to help you understand your symptoms and manage your pain!

Morning headache and TMJ disorders may result from daytime or sleep bruxism, the clenching and/or grinding of the teeth. TMJ disorders can often be managed with conservative, reversible therapy. This includes the use of a dental orthotic device, and physical therapy.

Common Symptoms of TMJ Disorders
  • Jack, neck and/or ear pain
  • Pain while chewing or yawning
  • Popping or clicking joints
  • Limited jaw opening
  • Headache (especially when waking up)

Some people with TMJ disorders may also have an underlying Sleep Apnea problem. This means they will find significant relief from TMJ and/or headaches if either CPAP or an Oral Appliance are employed to adequately manage their Sleep Apnea.

If you are at high risk for Sleep Apnea, we can help refer you to a sleep provider for consideration of sleep testing.  We may also recommend you work with one of our physical therapy partners to get the best relief.

Are you ready to get the relief from TMJ you need? Contact our clinic now to lean more about treatment for your symptoms.

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