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Three Effective Ways to Talk to Your Loved One About Snoring

End your Partner’s Snoring without Ending the Relationship

Is your partner snoring so badly you can’t get enough sleep? Are you beginning to feel resentful? If this is a person you love and care about – how can you bring up the problem without hurting their feelings? Or maybe you have already mentioned it, and they haven’t done anything about it. In any case, it’s a touchy subject that evokes strong feelings, but you need a solution!

How Might Your Partner React?

According to an article in “The four big [reactions to the news they snore] are denial, feelings of helplessness, fear, and embarrassment. Any one of these can get in the way of the conversation. However, to understand how to deal with these four elements, you must first understand why your partner feels that way.
The feeling of being helpless in this situation is very common. Even with the popularity of the internet and sites like this one, few people know that any snoring solutions exist.
Since that is the case, they simply don’t know what to do. This leaves them feeling helpless. If your partner feels this way it is up to you to inform them of the truth.
Let them know that they do have options. Let them know that they can put an end to it. Let them know that it isn’t a death sentence for your relationship.” Snoring can also be a sign of an underlying health condition called sleep apnea, so find a specialized doctor or dentist in your area, and make an appointment. A medical sleep expert can prescribe a device that will end snoring overnight, and keep your partner safe.
Denial is very common as well. How [does the snorer] know you aren’t just making this up? Maybe no one has ever told them that they snore. The chances of the snorer knowing without someone telling them are next to nothing.
If this is the problem then the easiest thing you can do is record your loved one snoring. It’s hard to deny solid proof. So many cell phones can take videos now that this shouldn’t be a difficult task.
Fear and embarrassment tend to go together in this situation. Your loved one may be scared that you won’t love them as much or sleep next to them anymore.
A lot of guys won’t admit it, but being close to their partner at night is important to them too. It’s almost the exact same story for embarrassment. They don’t want you to think less of them because they snore. That could really hurt them. Nobody needs to get hurt during this conversation.”
To find the author’s rules for how to end your partner’s snoring without ending the relationship, read the article here.

Use Sympathy

Because of these strong emotional reactions, you must approach the subject carefully. The first thing to keep in mind is that snoring could be a sign of sleep apnea, and could be much more than just an annoyance – it could be disturbing his or her sleep too, and worse, a health risk to your partner, so approach them with sympathy, not blame. Remember that your goal is to end the snoring, not score a point.

Use Hard Evidence

If the problem is denial, then use the above-mentioned technique of making a video-recording.

Do Your Homework

Read up on the symptoms and dangers of Sleep Apnea. Then, according to
“If  ‘occasional’ snoring has become nightly, consider together whether there have been any changes in a partner’s health or behavior that could contribute to the increase. Regardless, be gentle with your spouse and discuss this in a non-confrontational manner—and not when you both are trying to get some zzzs,” advises Steven Petrow in the article.

If you have checked, and health risks have been ruled out, then you can always try earplugs, or sleeping in separate bedrooms. Harmony has been restored to many relationships that way.

In the Portland area, Dr Keith Valachi is a dental sleep specialist. Make an appointment at the Dental Sleep Apnea Clinic today to resolve the problem.

Stop Snoring, Sleep Better, and Live Longer!

The Dental Sleep Apnea Clinic can help you find relief from your sleep apnea.  Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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