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It is estimated that 50% of the adult population snores regularly. If you belong to that 50% you probably know first-hand how irritating it can be for your family.

Snoring occurs when your tongue or soft palate, and other tissues in the back of your throat, relax after you fall asleep. This causes your airway to narrow, and as the airflow speed increases, the relaxed tissues begin to vibrate, creating snorting or rattling sounds. Primary Snoring tends to be soft to loud, and rhythmic.

At the best, loud snoring can negatively affect the sleep of your partner and family members. At worst, snoring can be a sign of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) OSA is a breathing disorder that can prevent you from breathing while asleep and lead to the development of critical health issues. Are you ready to stop your snoring for good? Contact our clinic to schedule an appointment!

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